The Inspiration

Let me set the stage.  I was raised Catholic, but we stopped going for reasons that are unclear to me. I was invited to Vacation Bible School with my BFF, Winnie. It was eye opening, but not quite life changing for an adolescent.

Fast forward…. My children’s babysitter invited my daughter to go to Vacation Bible School. She loved it!  I loved the break. 🙂   I went to the Sunday sermon to see her in the skits and singing.  Then she steps up to the microphone and says… “What I loved best about Vacation Bible School is …”. I really don’t remember what she said she liked best, but her next line was “and I asked Jesus into my heart”. *meltdown* So, I started taking the kids every Sunday.  My husband balked, but he eventually joined us after a couple months.  

My first Pastor and family were amazing. My second Pastor told me that God was NOT calling me into the ministry and he wouldn’t support my efforts. My third Pastor embezzled from the church. *sigh*

I left “the church” in 2001-ish. I still had a relationship with the Lord, but I was going it alone. I was praying and listening.  A few times he had me go to random churches.  Many times I prayed with people in bars where I was working. You know when you hear that quiet voice that says “Are you going to tell them about me?” I was hearing it. He wasn’t asking for much and I was never afraid to share my faith.

During this time, my community became my listeners for my online radio station.  I love DJ’ing. I also dabbled in things I shouldn’t have. I was the “wrong” way and still begging God to give me something other than what I was doing.  *crickets*

Then, I watched The Chosen. Season 2 had already been released and I binged. It was EXACTLY what I needed to get back to where I needed to be.

Then came… TEAL TUESDAY.  It was an 8 hour live marathon of actors, team members, & singers, sharing what they do with the show.  But the comment section was on fire with testimonies. Several thousand people over the course of 8 hours.  Comments were flying by so fast.  I’d stop the scroll for some of the bigger paragraphs. They touched me to hear how God was working in our lives. It was 1am when the stream ended. I honestly didn’t think I would make it to the end. But, the stream and people were engaging and I had a wonderful time.

Time for bed, or so I thought. (side note: I have ADHD and I get sidetracked a LOT, even in prayer.) As I was praying, my mind wandered to the testimonies.  People EAGER to tell others about what God was doing in their lives. Then He spoke. (I’m starting to cry, talking about it.  It’s still fresh.) It went something like this.

  • God: Wouldn’t it be great if more people heard those testimonies
  • Me: Yes, they need to be heard.
  • God: *pondering* I wonder what you could do to make those testimonies heard.
  • Me: *timid questioning* I could do a podcast about it
  • God: (pretending he didn’t push me to this conclusion) That is a great idea.
  • Me: *laughs*  I see what you did there.
  • God grins
  • Me: Okay, let me record this down before I forget. Awesome.  Thanks God.  I love you. G’night.
  • God: *still kinda hanging around*
  • Me: *closes eyes, smiling, certain I will sleep well with this purpose ahead of me*
  • God: *clears his throat*
  • Me: Opens eyes and looks around the dark room.
  • God: *cough*
  • Me: You aren’t going to let me sleep are you?
  • God: You’ve been asking how you can reach out and minister to others
  • Me: But, It’s 1am!!!
  • God: You’ve pulled all nighters for lesser things.
  • Me: *mutters at the painful reminder* All rightie.  I’ll get up. 

What happened next is what really sealed the deal for me.  If you’re familiar with social media, you know that coming up with a user name is hard.  Coming up with a podcast name is hard. But the phrase “I was one way” was screaming at me. So I set out to create accounts with some form of this as a username.

SEVEN (I just realized it was 7) social media sites. Every. Single. One. had “iwasoneway” AVAILABLE as a username!!!!!  I was certain it wouldn’t be since it’s become a pretty popular phrase from the show. I finally went to bed around 6am.  For a 3.5 whole hours.  LOL  


I would love to share how God is moving in your life. We can do a written, audio or video of your testimony. It’s not scary, I promise.

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