The Chosen. S:1 E:1

The Chosen is a book written by Jerry B. Jenkins. He is the author of the “Left Behind” series which I highly recommend. He’s also the father of the creator of The Chosen, Dallas Jenkins. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 🙂

They provide a disclaimer for the series. It is not possible to know the conversations that happened in between the stories in the bible. The attempt is to make it as plausible as possible. However, the facts of the bible are not changed. The bible is the road map. You know where you start. You know where you end. And a few pieces of the journey get brought to life with the adaptation of The Chosen.

This is just a little breakdown of the characters you’ll meet in the episode.

Mary of Magdala – also known as Mary Magdalene. Along with the seven demons that posses her. Ok, here is a spoiler – the seven demons aren’t in any other episodes. However, you’ll meet a friend or two of them.

Nicodemus – Teacher of Teachers. He’s a bigwig for the Pharisees, for the most part. He doesn’t have the “holier than thou” feeling like the other Pharisees you’ll see. He may be a teacher, but he’s still learning.

Quintas – the Praetor of Capernaum. He makes me laugh all the time. Self absorbed, egotistical, and a real jerk. But he has some good lines and his laugh is contagious.

Matthew – the tax collector prior to becoming a disciple. He was a publicanus, a collector of taxes. One of the characters in the show calls him a Public Anus which was a bit shocking and humorous at the same time. It’s interesting how they portray Matthew prior to meeting Jesus. He’s a little quirky and OCD. The creators decided to put him on the Autism spectrum, though very mildly, in my opinion. But throughout, the show is trying to show that Jesus calls people of all backgrounds.

Gaius – a centurion. He guards Matthew and his booth. It’s interesting to see the dynamics between he and Matthew.

Simon Peter – the brother of Andrew. The show doesn’t use the “Peter” part and it was a little confusing for me. He’s a little rough around the edges. Gambler, drinker, liar. Yet still very likable.

Andrew – the brother of Simon Peter. Andrew is wound a little tight. Frequently flies off the handle. He’s also a partner in crime to Simon.

Jesus – The Christ, Lord and Savior, Messiah…. and a whole bunch of other names. He shows up at the end to heal one of the people mentioned above. The scene may only be two minutes long, but make sure you have a box of tissues. This scene is so powerful and relatable, Liz Lemon Swindle capture it in oil and it is magnificent.

Do you have a favorite… other than Jesus? 🙂

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