They take time and commitment. Something that is in such short supply in most people’s lives. Or, they’re sick of just being out in public so they prefer to stay home. I get it.

I’m someone who stays home, not by choice. Many of my chats happen with people online. Some of them are people I’ve know my whole life. Some are people I’ve never met.

When I first started chatting online, people told me those who I talked to were not telling me the truth about themselves. Well, duh! I’m not naive. But if you open up to people on a regular basis, they will open up to you. It takes about 3 months in my 20+ years experience.

I have had so many wonderful online friendships turn into real life friendships that have been holding on for most of those 20 years. Why? Because we were willing to be real and spend the time developing that friendship.

So, today, online, I chatted with a friend of a friend. We found commonality and a connection. It may or may not flourish. I hope it does. But the point is, you have to make time to make friends. (trademarked :))

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