I think that’s what they were originally called. I was thinking about glasses the other day for many reasons.

I just had an eye exam. To give a little history, there was a time I was legally blind. I had cataracts in both eyes so bad that all I could see were shapes and colors. They were pretty and bright colors. The sun was blinding and it made even the dead summer grass of Texas look lush and inviting. I had surgery, that’s a whole other story of that miracle. But some other issues may be forming which I might share once I know them.

Another reason came while watching Outlander. I was going back to some of season one because the 6th season is starting in 4 days, but who’s counting. Ned Gowan had glasses. And then later, Jamie does. So it got me to thinking about how glasses were made back then. So my brain made up the story of how it happened.

3500 BC – The inventor of glass is creating all sorts of things, probably burning himself a lot because knowing how to safely handle glass making hadn’t been invented yet either.

He’s probably poured this liquid into all sorts of shapes and containors, probably ruining a few things in the process. After the mess finally cools, he heaves a sigh and collects up some pieces to study at his desk.

Placing the pile to his right, cuz I’m a rightie, he picks up one at a time and examines it. Then sets it down to his left — on a pile of papers. (See where I’m headed?)

He goes off to make some tea and have a think. As he returns and looks down at the papers, eh voila!! What is this witchcraftery? Thus was born the “reading stone”.

Glasses didn’t come until around 1254 AD. 🙂

Mumbling out. LOL

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