Yo, listen up.

Have I got a story for you!! Not really, but it seems to be what the buzz in Hollywood is all about. Usually, I could not care less for the private lives of the Hollywood royalty, as some like to think of themselves. But the BIG controversy after the Oscars is…. “Will Smith shouldn’t have retaliated with violence.”

Really!?!? A slap across the face is “violence”??? A punch to the throat, a kick in the groin – THAT is violent. Murdering a whole clan cuz they abused your wife, THAT is violence. (That’s an Outlander reference) A slap across the face from the man whose wife you just insulted? You deserved that.

Chris Rock attacked Jada over something which she has no control and is personally very upset about. It’s not fun to lose your hair at any age and in a land of vanity, like Hollywood, where you make your money on your looks, it can actually threaten your finances. Will Smith got up and defended his wife with a slap across the face. Way to go Will!!!!!!!

This may be an archaic notion to some, but we used to call it Chivalry. Back in the day when pansies didn’t get their knickers in a twist because someone didn’t like something. I’m offended is the cry of the “younger” ones. To which I say, in my ‘oh so unfiltered way’, “Grow the fuck up”.

However, if this was a publicity stunt… I’m going to be very disappointed. I’ve always had a great deal of respect for Will Smith ever since the Fresh Prince of Bel Air days. We go back a ways.

But if Will or the OSCARS used her auto immune deficiency to create a buzz for publicity, then it should be Jada slapping Will and the respect I had for him will vanish in the wind.

Seems like Will has put himself between a (Chris)Rock and a hard place.

Photo Credit: Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

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