That’s funny!!

I’ve been pretty busy lately being an adult. I hate doing it, but such is single life.

My promised land is not arriving anytime soon with the current housing market. So we signed a year lease where we are at. Now comes the full unpacking instead of boxed living.

I have felt very cramped here. I have my household and the owner’s. It’s very full, and has been the biggest hindrance to my creativeness. Now I have a new hindrance, but I’ll get to that in a minute. So, the owner has moved out some of her furniture. Thank you, God. That’s been a huge relief.

Then I got a call from a dear trucker friend who is going to be in town in two weeks and wants to come visit. OH MY GOSH, YES!!!!! I have been really down about missing people and wanting to give real hugs and see faces and smiles and share life like we did BC (Before Covid). Thank you, God, for another blessing. My heart has been really filled from these events, as minimal as they may seem.

Then along comes a man. *insert brake screeching noise* That has not been in my prayers for a decade or so. I’m pretty happy single. I need more face to face, not a boyfriend IN MY FACE. 🙂 Should I tell you how I really feel? Just kidding. I’ve not sought one, but I’m not dead set against it. But, damn, he’s gonna have some big obstacles to climb. He’s made it over the first few and they were doozies.

It feels a bit too good to be true, so I’m pretty cautious. Our first phone call was awkward and I was ready to run. My BFF said “you’re not really gonna give this a chance, are you?”…. and I thought maybe he deserves the three strike rule.

So now I’m at the point of trying to see if he’s a blessing to God. Time to play…………… Bible Roulette!!!

I believe matters of the heart are mostly free will but with a Godly partner. But still, I need God’s advice. So, I grabbed the bible and had my pre chat with God.

Me: Lord, I don’t know if this guy is genuine. I’m scared, but I’m willing to try, I just don’t want my heart broken. I need to know if he is from you. (for lack of a better way of asking.) I’m looking for some message to help me decipher.

So I pick up the bible and this is the conversation in my head.

God: How many times are you going to flip to find the answer you want? (notice that terminology… the wording *you* want. I didn’t get that until I re-thought afterwards. Ouch.)
Me: Oh, you know me so well. Just once, though I might still look for it in other verses.
God: Just once.
Me: nods and opens the bible, letting the pages ripple along my finger until I stop. Pulse quickens, mouth goes dry or that was from the weed. Right side? Left Side? Pinky finger it is. So I open my eyes and my pinky finger is right dab in the middle of a HUGE blank space at the end of a book. I didn’t even see which one. I just laughed out loud. No misunderstanding “no comment”.

Stay tuned for the unfolding saga….. 🙂

Photo by Saad Chaudhry on Unsplash

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