I’m home!

I’ve been home a couple weeks. My brain needed to rest before it over loaded.


I visited my daughter in Seattle. She took me to two of her favorite restaurants that I will now recommend to you – Billy Beach Sushi and The Ballard Cut. The latter is also a whisky bar and where I learned that no matter how expensive the whisky is, I still don’t like whisky or whiskey. 🙂

I also got to spend Saturday night with my Seattle Bestie. We went to karaoke and did the bar crawl in my old home town. I got to see a lot of old friends and the local herd of Elk. It was very good for my soul

God was certainly with me on my road trip. There were a few scary moments but we came out unscathed.

The day before I was leaving for the road trip, my sister called to tell me she had Covid. Well, there goes some of my sleeping arrangements. I called my other friends that I was just going to spend a night with and said, “Remember you said I could stay as long as I wanted?” Thankfully, everyone was able to accommodate me for a couple extra nights.

My first stop wasn’t very far from home, North Florida. My best friend from high school only lives 3 hours away which might as well be 100 when you have no car. So I was able to spend the night at her house. The only thing that changed for our sleepover is that I wasn’t french braiding her hair. Two old friends picking up where they left off with no awkwardness. Priceless!

From there, I drove to Greensboro, North Carolina to meet an online friend I’ve known for over 15 years. We finally got to put the full face behind the text and avatar. It was a little awkward. I don’t think we have much in common other than the game we’ve played together. 🙂

While in NC, I remembered that Outlander was filmed there in the later seasons. So, I looked up what was around. The battlefield of Alamance was just 15 minutes away!!! I decided to take a few minutes and visit history. If you’ve never been to a historical battleground, it’s usually a field with a plaque. It was. 🙂

I drove straight through to MA and arrived around noon at Linda’s. She was from my neighborhood and one year behind me in school. We relaxed and watched the birds at her feeder. The grandbabies were a source of amusement, almost 3 years and 6 months old. I do not miss having grandchildren, but I enjoy visiting others.

I did get to visit my sister. The first visit was 6 ft apart. The second was 10 days after her Covid, so I hugged the stuffing out of her. She’s lost a lot of weight as well. She says she’s down to age 27. LOL I find that funny because I’m at age 14, not our actual weight.

I caught up with my cousin and his wife at my FAVORITE ice cream place – Kimball’s Farm (@Kimblallfarm). We ALWAYS got the special, which is a banana split without the banana. It used to be a nickel when my mom went. The least expensive I remember was a dollar something. Now, it’s almost $10 but they have not gone down in size. Below you will see the original and the one I couldn’t finish. Yes, I used to be able to finish that all by myself. That was dinner.

The next three days I went to spend with my all time BFF, Winnie. We have literally known each other our whole lives. If I need to be real with someone, she’s the one. She was the medicine for my soul that I knew would be available in large doses. I also went to Friendly’s, twice. 🙂

The last few days were spent with a friend from fourth grade. She still had to work, but we managed a girl’s afternoon by the pool with my cousin that she met dating my cousin’s half brother. Small world, or what?

There’s more to tell, but the blessings are coming in too fast. I’m not complaining, just busy. It’s a nice change. We’re moving apartments on Sunday, so I’ll try to catch up in a week from the new place. 😀 ❤️❤️❤️

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