Wowza, Man

Don’t ya love the titles? LOL But that’s pretty much all I can say at the moment.

I have prayed and prayed for God to use me. Give me a task, I’ll do anything. But in my study of Romans we know that it’s not about tasks or deeds. It’s about the heart and sharing God with others. At some point I decided to take a portion of my savings, that I grip tight with every cell in my body, and travel. Cuz, there’s only one person at home for me to share God with and sadly, he’s not much of a believer…. yet.

So I visited my daughter and friends in Washington, and my family and friends in Massachusetts. It was a wonderful, cathartic, soul searching, grudge releasing time. On my drive home, I came back with a friend from the ‘hood. She had a very deep, soul searching time on my lanai. It was very good for her, as well.

On my return, my son and I stopped at my friend’s restaurant to eat. My friend offered me a job and I took it. With job offer in hand, we had enough to qualify for a slightly more expensive apartment, but actually IN a better town. My son’s commute is cut in half and I’m a mile from the restaurant. I could walk it…. if I could walk.

That’s a little exaggeration. I’m still walking, but not very far at a time. The lower back pain is getting bad. I have an MRI to schedules because there’s nothing wrong with my spine according to the x-rays. He said it was perfectly aligned. Yay for my chiropractors. But, last year I had spinal stenosis. I’m not sure that goes away.

So, we get the apartment and my son wants to move in FIVE days. WTF?? It’s good that he pushed me though because I was starting work in seven days.

I think we’ve been here two weeks now. NONE of my craft stuff is organized yet, but the rest of the house is at about 90% organized. Some things are still finding where their resting place will be. The office started in the bedroom and I don’t want to be shut away. That’s fine for the cave dweller boy, but I like sunshine!!!! So it’s in the living room. The craft area is kinda taking the whole dining room at the moment because it’s the last to get done. 😀

So, yeah…. WOWZA! I love to be busy, but after 6 years of doing pretty much nothing, I’m excited to be useful again. ❤

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