Garbage In…

I’ve been perusing Netflix in my boredom as I await the arrival of The Chosen, Season 3.

I have a lot of videos that I watch repeatedly, but my daughter suggested a show, so I thought I’d try it. I won’t ruin the plot. As far as shows go nowadays, there’s no sex and sorta no cussing. But there’s still a significant impact on the watcher. While it’s cast endeavor to become better humans, it’s also subtly pushing complacency.

Then, ever helpful Netflix recommended some other shows. They even chose one with a favorite actress of mine, Melissa McCarthy. I’m only in two episodes when it dawned on me.

The Chosen is changing lives and Satan won’t hear of it.

Granted, this is a ancient war still raging, and maybe it’s just my new outlook that’s making me more aware of the subtleties of Satan. But this I do know:

While God is presenting TRUTHs with The Chosen, Satan is planting LIES. Or to be politically correct, alternative choices.

However, the wave has begun and it’s going to get bigger. Are you chosen? Yes, you are! If you don’t know what that means, please reach out to me or someone local. Watch the show and you’ll get it. ❤

Click here to watch The Chosen for free!!!! Or Click here to get the FREE app on Google Play

SIDENOTE: I had to fight to get this post out. “Somehow” my wireless keyboard kept acting up, and then the software hung, and …. you get the picture.

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