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Hurricanes & Movies

As I sit directly in the path of Hurricane Ian, I decided to write a post during my down time. Ok, so all my time is down time. LOL I do work on occasion. Lately, I’ve been hitting the streaming services pretty hard. There has been software issues at work which prevent me from doing […]

Garbage In…

I’ve been perusing Netflix in my boredom as I await the arrival of The Chosen, Season 3. I have a lot of videos that I watch repeatedly, but my daughter suggested a show, so I thought I’d try it. I won’t ruin the plot. As far as shows go nowadays, there’s no sex and sorta […]

Wowza, Man

Don’t ya love the titles? LOL But that’s pretty much all I can say at the moment. I have prayed and prayed for God to use me. Give me a task, I’ll do anything. But in my study of Romans we know that it’s not about tasks or deeds. It’s about the heart and sharing […]

I’m home!

I’ve been home a couple weeks. My brain needed to rest before it over loaded. I HAD A GREAT TIME!!!! I visited my daughter in Seattle. She took me to two of her favorite restaurants that I will now recommend to you – Billy Beach Sushi and The Ballard Cut. The latter is also a […]


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