Analogize that!

As a mom, teacher, student, blabber, etc… I talk with a lot of people and sometimes there are language, age or cultural differences. I use a lot of analogy to explain something. I will keep coming up with different analogies until I can see the realization in the person’s face.

It has always fascinated me how people have “near” definitions or pronunciations of words they use/hear everyday. Case in point? Supposably. *cringe* (It’s supposedly, in case you’re one šŸ™‚ )

So, I was sitting outside enjoying a balmy 90 degrees, when I heard a dialup modem. I’m pretty sure it was someone actually using one, not a tv show because I heard nothing else.

While I don’t live in a senior housing place, there are a lot of snowbirds here. I was pondering how I might tell an older person what the difference is between wifi and dialup. Story time!!!

Imagine you have 50 gallons of water you want to move from point a to point b. By yourself, taking one gallon at a time, it’s 50 round trips. But if you have a friend, now it’s only 25 trips. What if you had a car? Maybe 3 trips. Or a tanker could take the 50 and however many more gallons it can hold! Just one trip!!!

Wifi is the tanker. Dialup is one person moving the water with only a straw …. uphill, both ways…. barefoot…. in the cold.

Enjoy your chuckle. šŸ™‚

Photo by Stephen Phillips – on Unsplash

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